Software Development

Software Development

Askgee provides software development services. We offer clients innovative solutions to their software needs using PHP 5, ASP, .NET, JSP, J2EE, Java, Voice XML, XML-HTTP Messaging and AJAX technologies with MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and MS ACCESS as database.

We use the most effective technologies to offer our customers application, which are tailored specifically to their requirements and within their budget. We have developed Online & Offline Application Software, Point of Sales Application, Office Automation Software, Accounting Applications, Business Management Software, Sales Management Software, Android apps Development, ERP Software (Online & Offline) also.

  • We developed our online & offline software development program with significant input from experts who serve on our Technology.

  • We Build and develop new applications for our leading Point of Sale Application using latest technologies

  • We offer office automation software that can reduce the cost associated with completing particular processes of your business.

  • We are experts in Accounting software development and designing and have the right solutions for you at the right time

  • We use the latest business management software development platforms and tools to achieve your business goal.

  • We offer Sales Management Software solutions. We are highly enthusiastic towards offering Sales Management Software.

  • We provide high tech & quality android app development services. Developers to give better security & reliability.

  • We offer Software services in all phases of the ERP life cycle. As we can assist with your ERP Strategy, Package Selection etc.

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